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3D printing is widely used for constructing functional parts of various types of machines. Our laboratory is equipped with an Epsilon W27 SC of the Spanish brand BCN3D. It uses FFF 3D printing technology, it incorporates an Independent Dual Extruder architecture, and it has a printing volume of (X, Y, Z): 420mm x 300mm x 220mm. The materials which we use are: PET-G, PLA, Tough PLA, TPU, PAHT CF15.

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You can upload your drawings in a STL format and specify the preferred material and you will receive our response regarding the cost and the delivery time (please note that the dimensions of the part must be within the dimensions of the workspace of the 3D printer). If you don’t have a drawing, you can contact us and we can work together in order to create one according to your requirements.

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