CERBERUS is an octa-rotor UAV versatile platform that can support a variety of missions. It is designed and built around the powerful NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier AI-oriented computer, to provide it with unlimited on-board computational capabilities. It can be equipped with various payloads (cameras etc.) that seamlessly interact with the on-board computer to deliver the objectives of each specific mission and according to the customer’s requests.


DUMMY is a low cost, lightweight UAV, which consists mainly of 3D printed parts. Its simple design with just four rotors and a low-profile landing gear, makes it easy to control, and thus it constitutes an ideal drone for testing flight algorithms. To further enhance this capability, Dummy can be equipped with a raspberry Pi (3,4) single-board computer.


SAITA is a medium size dodecarotor UAV. It is a quiet agile and very steady drone due to its six pairs of coaxial motors. This mechanical characteristic also gives it an increased robustness against potential motor and/or ESC faults. It is mainly used for filming purposes using lightweight action cameras.


F1T is a tethered UAV, designed to work with Elistair SAFE T 2 – Intelligent Tethered Drone Station, to form a complete UAS. Since the electric power is supplied from the ground, flight time is theoretically unlimited. Drone is typically equipped with a DragonEye2 dual EO-IR stabilized camera, so the system can function as a 360°surveillance system from a height of up to 100m above the ground station.


DIOPTRA is an electric tailsitter fixed wing UAV with VTOL characteristics that is currently under development. Dioptra has been designed to host Micasense RedEdge Mx which is a rugged and precise multispectral camera for advanced agricultural analysis. This high-performance tool captures all of the spectral bands needed for crop health indices (green, red, red edge, and near-infrared), as well as a blue band for deeper insights into specific issues and composite RGB imagery.